hello im per. im agender, polysexual, and an INTP. use they/them pronouns. i like drawing, and i like videogames (in fact im working on my own game), some of them being off, yume nikki, space funeral, gingiva, and ib. i really like daft punk, gorillaz and homestuck and i like looking at pretty things. i tag all of my text posts with "per says stuff" and if there's anything you want me to tag, let me know.





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do you ever see a headcanon so incorrect you have to sit down for a little bit

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i’m gay and so can you

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Whoopies I got myself into the OFF fandom and made Dedan… Might make more pictures of him and others. >.>

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*misplaces one finger on keyboard* *windows 8 opens up start menu, does a search, opens up microsoft word, automatically types “fuck you” 37 times, notifies the nsa, notifies obama, shuts off and self destructs*

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cosmic coordinates: ffuckin windows 8,


☽ يقبرني 

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im getting better at drawing hands i think :’-D


Here is some pictures that inspire me and keep me focused.

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"why do you ship daft punk they’re REAL PEOPLE ew"

ok this is one of the only real-people fandoms in which they themselves condone the shipping and think it’s fun

no way am i feeling guilty about something they approve of