hello im per. they/them. im agender, polysexual, INTP. i like drawing, and i like videogames (in fact im working on my own game), some of them being off, yume nikki, space funeral, gingiva, and ib. i really like daft punk, gorillaz, five nights at freddy's, and i like looking at pretty things. i tag all of my text posts with "per says stuff" and if there's anything you want me to tag, just let me know.

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The sunset tonight was so beautiful

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Saturn’s Moon “Titan”

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i remember the very first and only time i played ssb. it was at a friend’s house and i was blue kirby and did literally nothing while everyone killed each other

so basically i won by being a blueberry

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You know it’s a good sunset when the water has a pink reflection

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Have some more Daft Punk

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cant roleplay for shit

could make a roleplay account, but instead reads other people’s roleplay for like 10+ minutes and then cries about my own inability

ah... was it me? and gosh I completely forgot we were mutuals ;n; If it was me I am sorry

no it wasnt you! dont worry about it B^)

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cosmic coordinates: ask, we're good :^),